My Promise to My Son

I promise
To love you unconditionally as all children should be by their parents.
To see your emotions as valid.
To weep when you weep.
To shiver as you fear.
To rejoice at your happiness.

I promise
To support your decisions no matter how differently I may have done.
To not judge when you do not take my advice.
To offer too much advice at times.
To hold you after you realize you made a bad decision.
To applaud you when you make decisions right for your own life.

I promise
To share my love of writing and reading with you.
To have your father share his love of board games and video games.
To support your exploration of the world around you.
To allow you space to find your own passion.
And not be disappointed when it isn’t the same as ours.

I promise
To treat you fairly.
To not favor any future siblings more or less than you.
To not offer disproportionate financial aid to another sibling than to you.
To see you as a person rather than a man.
To not see gender when making decisions.

I promise
To see you as my child and not just some bragging right.
To understand that you will make mistakes along with accomplishments.
To recognize that every human is flawed
And to not hold your bad decisions over your head.
To praise you for making decisions on your own.

I promise
To love your father.
To squabble with your father and make up.
To show him affection in front of you.
To model what a healthy marriage should be.
To try.

I promise
To love you if you are heterosexual.
To love you if you are homosexual.
To love you if you are transgender.
To be happy you have discovered who you truly are.
To love the partner you choose for your life.

I promise
To teach you about my religion.
To have your father teach you about his.
To allow you the space to pick your own religion.
To not be disappointed and refuse to talk to you if you choose differently than mine.
To praise you for making this decision on your own.

I promise
To be there for you.
To respect you in the good times and bad.
To keep your best interests at heart
And to understand you are an individual.
To be the best mother I can be
And to know I will make mistakes.


2 Comments on My Promise to My Son

  1. MoM
    February 1, 2015 at 5:10 pm (3 years ago)

    It took me a while to read this,..due to tears flooding my eyes. You are a beautiful person and are going to a wonderful Mom. I LOVE YOU!!!

    • teacherglamgirl
      February 3, 2015 at 4:46 am (3 years ago)

      Awww, thanks, Mom! I had a great teacher! 😉


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