Bibliophile: “a person who collects or has a great love of books.” Yep, that’s me. We even have a separate room in our house for all my books. I believe we call this the “library” for some reason. 😉 Books have always been a passion of mine. When I was little, I would choose a book over a Barbie any day. I would prefer to read over playing kickball with the neighborhood kids. I would find solace in libraries above anywhere else. And this hasn’t changed. Books are still my bread and butter, and out of my love of books comes my need to write about them on this blog. Reading has always been cathartic for me, and I’ve found that writing is now my biggest catharsis yet. While I do enjoy reading, I don’t always like the books that I read. To be honest, I don’t always finish the books I read if I lose interest or just don’t care for it. Gasp! Does this mean that if I don’t like a book I will always put it down unfinished? No, some books I do struggle through for various reasons. I figure it’s healthy to branch out from what one enjoys. However, I also figure there are too many books and too little time for me to waste on a book I don’t enjoy. My opinions may be different than yours, but I like conversations on differing opinions as long as they are respectful and civil.

So why do I love books so much? I honestly don’t know. I know my family had a lot to do with it. My grandmother who I lovingly called Sue-Sue would take me to the library whenever I visited her in Omaha, NE, and would call every week wanting to know what I had been reading or if I had wrote anything new. My mother always has a book, and while she may not devour them as quickly as I do, she thoroughly enjoys reading and savoring each story. She instilled this love in me as well. Role models are always good ways to get children to read. I would get money for good grades on my report cards so I read because of school. I was painfully introverted in middle and high school, and books offered a release from the social situations from which I feared. I was Valedictorian in high school and Cum Laude in college, both achievements I do not think I would have achieved had I not been a voracious reader. I even got my undergraduate degree in English with a minor in writing and then went on to get my graduate degree in English Education so that I could spread my passion of reading to children. I taught high school Literature and Composition for a few years, and although I do not miss the politics, low pay, or the crazy amount of hours, I do miss teaching literature to young adults. Now, I am pregnant and happy at home. My sweet husband allows me the space and time to both prepare for our baby, due April 27th, and to enjoy my last few months as just Crystal without the title of “mommy”.

I started this blog a little over a year ago, and although I have included many posts about books and reading, I’ve been getting further and further away from this purpose. My apologies. I found that once I started to write that the sky was the limit. However, I want this blog to get back on track to focusing on books, be it reviews or just topics that come up because of books. Therefore, I’ve started two other blogs from which I can post about my pregnancy and parenting when little man gets here and about whatever else under the sun I want to. Check those out, too, if you’re so inclined. And thank you for reading! :)

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